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Host the most fun night ever!  With private painting parties, you get the whole studio to yourself and you get to call the shots - the painting of your choice with the people of your choice. What's better than that?

Get in touch with us below to get your party started with Tipsy Paint!

Kids in Art Class
Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your birthday at Tipsy Paint! 

These fun parties are for children 4 and up and just involve smaller canvases and more confident painters!  But it's not limited to children - as adults can enjoy this activity for their birthday or special occasion.  

Children classes are 1.45 hours long and adult birthday party/ special events are 2- 3 hours long depending (vary time on medium choice).  


The cost for a child's party starts at $30/pp with a $250 minimum; adults' parties start at $40/pp with a $400 minimum. Prices and minimums will also vary on date and time of event especially on weekends. Any time frame usually works for us as long as we don't have something already scheduled. You can get more information by emailing or calling us.

Team Building
Team Building

Whether it is for team building or simply a reward for hard work accomplished, we offer many different types of group activities:

Parties start at $45/pp with a $500 minimum

( prices will vary on weekends, medium choice and travel)


Group Mural
We divide you into groups where you work together to paint on large canvases with pre-drawn line art. 


Group Competition
Divided into groups, you collaborate with an artist to create the group’s own design. Everyone paints their respective group’s design on their own 16”×20” canvas. At the end, each group selects the best painting to be judged by the entire team, creating a little healthy competition. 

Follow the Leader 
All guests follow along on their own canvas as our artist replicates an original piece selected in advance from the Tipsy Paint library. 


Offsite Events 

We do a variety of onsite/offsite events including corporate functions, holiday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal/baby showers, moms' groups and birthday parties, just to name a few.  Whether you're looking to book your next corporate function or Offsite Party, we are happy to host!

Paint Your Pet

Ever wanted to combine a fun artistic activity with a memento of your precious pet?

Well, here's the answer to your prayers!

(Parties start at $50/pp with a $500 minimum)


 Contact us with a picture of your pet included, and we will hold a private / semi-private session for you and your furry friend!  

Bachelorette Paint Party

Come celebrate your upcoming wedding at Tipsy Paint! 

A perfect outing for a bachelor or bachelorette party!  The bride or groom selects the painting in advance, and all those invited to the celebration get to paint it - all while sipping wine, champagne, or a fun fruity drink!

We reserve the studio for the evening for a private celebration!  Typically, it lasts 2 hours in total.

Bachelor/ette Parties

Book your private event now by emailing us or calling us!

847 - 657 - 9700

1944 Lehigh Avenue, Suite E, Glenview, IL  60025

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