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The Tipsy Artists create a fun environment, teaching you to paint beautiful strokes of your own work - all while sipping a glass of wine!





Krystyna has a lifelong love of the arts. She has graduated from the American Academy of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She enjoys creating her own artwork, viewing other artists' work, and teaching art to young children. A proud Owner of Tipsy Paint, she takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge about art history and the process of creating, but most importantly she wants her students to experience art and understand how much it affects their lives.  



"Hey y'all, my name is Olivia Deardorff, but I prefer to go by Liv! Originally Wisconsin grown, I was a paint and sip instructor there for about seven years and grew my own art styles and techniques from working my way up in those companies. My biggest passion aside from instructing is creating weird art, creating art from the lines of the human body, and all the horror movies ranging from old to brand spanking new. I love seeing people take their own spin when I teach and make paintings all their own, seeing how different everyones creativity lands on the canvas is such a beautiful sight. Instructing art and making connections from this job never gets old and I can't wait for the fun to continue on!"



Kate has been with Tipsy paint for over 5 years. She received her BFA From Northern Illinois 

University in 2007. Kate is a lover of the arts, animals, and exercise. When not at the studio, Kate divides her time working as a personal trainer and veterinary technician. For fun, Kate works in her home studio in Wheeling where she paints pet portraits. "Being at the studio and getting to paint with people enjoying themselves through artistic expression is such a gift. The job never gets old, and we always have a blast together.”



Laine is an aspiring artist and currently working towards a degree in illustration. Laine loves to work with different mediums and enjoys the various forms of art. She completes commision works for paintings and even creates custom designs for stickers. At Tipsy Paint she loves to have fun with the guests and encourage them to enjoy the process of creating. 



Hi! My name is Nalani and I go by Naly for short. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a focus on Film and Television at Ariel University in Israel. I was always the artsy kid growing up and now I get the privilege of practicing my raw talent and passion with others as an art instructor! In addition, I am also a trained Ballet dancer for 13 years and Flamenco and Pointe dancer for 6. Along with this, I work as a Dance Instructor in the Glenview area and I personally enjoy taking part in both of these art forms in my spare time. 



The instructors did a great job of showing us step by step on painting. They also walked around and helped us when we needed it. I made many mistakes, but the instructor helped me to fix things. I’m very happy with this experience!

Will come again!


A group of 6 friends attended a class at the Glenview location. We all had a marvelous time. The instructor (Krystyna) was very informative, gave us assistance when needed, and really made the class fun. We were all pleased with how our finished paintings came out.  We are ready to book another outing! Highly recommend for large or small groups, and this is fun for females AND males! A+!!!


Don’t get me wrong, painting is HARD! But the teacher Jim was amazing, so patient, and really funny. We had a great time! (Just don’t let your poor painting skills ruin your fun!

It’s the experience and getting out of your comfort zone that matters!)

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